From design to delivery.

At Willems Packaging the variations for packaging possibilities are very wide. Besides the standard packaging also luxurious and complex packaging are possible, and all of this is completely "custom made". We will gladly tell you how your packaging comes about from design to delivery.

1. We start with your product.

It sounds cliché, but well begun is half done. Therefore we start each assignment with wide knowledge. What are you looking for? What needs to be packed? What are your packaging needs in concerns to product protection? Does the packaging need to be reusable? What appereance should it have? And does the packaging need a print or embroidery? An advisor of Willems Packaging will talk to you about which packaging is the right one for your product and which visual possibilities there are to make your product stand out in the mass.


2. We make a strong design.

With each packaging issue we can develop a custom made solution. For example simple carrier-bags, luxurious head pillow-bags or duvet bags. But also packaging for temporary or prolonged protection and  promotional packaging. Your demands and wishes come to life during the design-process. With a fresh start our staff works on designed the customized packaging which suits your product. Shape, size, materials, colours and printing. And of course, during this structured process, they also pay attention to important factors as handling, storage, your wishes in regards to transport, possible environmental requirements and cost optimization.


3. Production of your packaging.

All our packaging are produced custom made, under the best conditions and with an eye for our high quality requirements. Whether it involves simple transparent carrier-bags or luxurious bags: your packaging is specially developed and produced for you. The design of your customized packaging continues to our own (local) production or to one of our worldwide partners. We ensure your design is realized in detail. In consultation we can also supply a prototype, so that the packaging can be tested in practice. The packaging can then be checked for size, quality and design.


4. Delivery of your packaging.

The logistic partners of Willems Packaging are not only familiar on all European roads, but also ensure that your packaging material arrives at its destination all over the world. This is done via road transport, by sea or by air. The delivery time of your custom made packaging is determined on the basis of the type of packaging that is made for you, the production location and delivery location.

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