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Transparent LDPE Bag with HDPE handle

Strong and transparent LDPE carrierbag with welded HDPE carry-handle. Available from stock in the following sizes: 
- 60/10 x 100 cm 
- 55/10 x 90 cm 
- 55/8 x 90 cm 
- 55/5 x 85 cm 

Quantity per box: 200 pieces 

  • Strong
  • Welded handle 
  • 100% recyclable
  • Fast delivery
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Transparent carrier bags with resealable handle from stock

The LDPE carrierbag voor duvets and comforters has a HDPE (hard) resealable handle. The bags have a sidefold to create extra space. Duvets and comforters usually have big volume. LDPE is also an interesting material type in terms of costs. This pillow bag is therefore a high-quality and cost-friendly solution for packing, protecting and selling your duvets or comforters. This modell is available from stock for the most common duvets. Do you need a different size or do you need advice? Please contact us without any obligation.

The duvet bag is made of LDPE. LDPE is an abbreviation for Low Density Polyethene - in Dutch: Low Density Polyethylene. LDPE bags are simple bags consisting of a plastic bag (LDPE) where a resealable, hard Polyethylene (HDPE = High Density Polyethylene) handle is welded (sealed).