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Recyclable packaging material

Willems Packaging contributes to a sustainable world by offering her customers many different types of recyclable packaging materials and solutions. What kind of recyclable packaging for environmentally protecting your products can you think of? For example:

- Pillow packaging
- Quilt packaging
- Duvet bags
- (Cardboard) boxes

Packaging recyclable: materials

There are a lot of different material types which can be recycled:


Canvas is a strong cotton material, which is a perfect fabric for a quilt packaging. Due to the strength of the material Canvas bags and packaging can be used frequently and for a long time. Canvas is easy to print by screen print and it is also a good material for embroidery up to eight colours.  Willems Packaging can even offer you biological canvas (with certificate).


Just like canvas is cotton also a strong and natural material. Cotton is a perfect fabric for quilt packaging and can be offered in several qualities. Cotton lends itself good for printing and embroidery and because of this is easy to use for custom made packaging. Willems Packaging can also offer you biological cotton (with certificate) .


cardboard is an material which is easy to recycle and because of this it is a good choice for sustainable, environmentally packaging solutions. There are a lot of different qualities and options for cardboard boxes. Cardboard can be printed and can be provided with a gloss ore mat layer. The cardboard boxes from Willems Packaging can be delivered with or without carrying  handle.


Although you didn’t suspect it LDPE can also be recycled. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is an cost-effective or cheap  solution. LDPE plastic packaging are mostly transparent, clear and unprinted, but at Willems Packaging you can order LDPE in colour or printed (up to 10 colours).  For basic products like pillows and duvets we always have several sizes on stock, which can be delivered up  from 1 box. For customers in countries where it is very cold, Willems Packaging has special  frost resistant LDPE.

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