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Luxury cardboard storage box for bed textiles

Luxurious, elegant and sturdy. These are the three words that best describe this storage box for duvets, blankets and pillows. And because the box is made of cardboard, it is also 100% recyclable and sustainable.

  • Beautiful finish
  • 100% recyclable
  • Durable
  • Custom made
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Unpacking experience for duvets, blankets and pillows

Evermore frequently, exclusive duvets, blankets and pillows are stored, saved and transported in beautiful storage boxes. Not surprising, because these products simply deserve luxury packaging. If you are also looking for this, then this sturdy and strong box may be the right choice. You can have the storage box treated with a glossy layer or a matte finish. Moreover, the box can be completely custom made. This makes it a unique unpacking experience for the end customer - we promise you that.

Storage box with magnetic closure and strong handle

A strong magnet closure in the lid provides additional protection for the product that is being stored into it. Whether that is a blanket, a pillow or a duvet. Furthermore, the luxury storage box is equipped with a strong handle for optimum comfort.

Cardboard storage box for bed textiles

This cardboard storage box for bed textiles is nice to see, but can also be personalized with a beautiful print. How about a color logo? Or a recognizable slogan? That's what makes the luxury storage box not a necessary item, but even an eye-catcher. Something that people enjoy using for a long time. A unique unpacking experience.

Cardboard recyclable packaging

This luxury and exclusive storage box is made of cardboard: an organic, environmentally friendly and easily recyclable material. That is to say: this cardboard storage box is 100% recyclable! This packaging is therefore the right choice for every environmentally conscious company.