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recyclable pillow bag of LDPE with clip-close handle

Store (sleeping)pillows hygienic in this simple pillow bag of LDPE with reclosable handle. The pillow bag protects pillows against dirt and dust, so they remain clean and neat in the time they are not used. 

  • Reclosalbe
  • 100% recyclable
  • Fully customizable
  • Various sizes available from stock
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Pillow bag for (sleeping)pillows

This pillow bag is suitable for packing and storing (sleeping)pillows. The pillows are optimally protected against undesired dirt and dust in this pillow bag. This bag offers a solution for both suppliers of (sleeping)pillows as well as bed stores and hotels. The pillow bag is easy to transport due to the reinforced handle. The handy closure ensures that you can easily reach the pillows and that the bag is reclosable. 

Customized pillow bag 

The pillow bag is transparent, clear and unprinted, but it can also be made in colour. Do you have specific details which you want to see on the pillow bag, think about a logo? That's no problem, because printing these bags belongs to the options. In that case, your or your customers' personal wishes will be processed in detail on this bag. A white handle is standard on this type of bag, but you can optionally choose a different model or colour. The pillow bag is available in square of rectangle shape, but can also be delivered with bottom- or sidefold. We have various standard sizes in stock, which can be ordered from 1 box. 

LDPE bags

This pillow bag is made from LDPE. LDPE is an abbreviation for Low Density Polyethylene. LDPE bags are simple bags consisting of a plastic bag (LDPE) with a reclosable, hard Polyethylene handle which is welded (sealed). LDPE bags have different good properties. They are water-resistant, well insulating and sturdy. In addition, frost-resistant LDPE is also available. Another important advantage of LDPE bags is that they are 100% recyclable. And LDPE is also an interesting material type in terms of costs. This pillow bag is therefore a high-quality and cost-friendly solution for packing and protecting your (sleeping)pillow.