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Pillow packaging

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Pillow packaging

Packing pillows can be done in different ways. It is important that you look carefully at the purpose of the pillow packaging. When it is important that the pillow is beautifully presented, then the appearance of the pillow packaging is of great importance. Think for example of a striking color or print and the use of the right materials. If your packaging has an informative purpose, then it is good to provide your packaging with, for example, a inside pocket in which you can present information neatly. And if your pillow needs to be well protected during transport, it is practical to choose strong and water-repellent but breathable pillow packaging.

Pillow packaging made to measure (custom made)

Almost all pillow packaging from Willems Packaging is made to measure. This allows you, the customer, to benefit from all the advantages. So you can decide for yourself how your pillow will be presented. You can choose from different materials, colours, prints and formats. Everything is custom made.

Durable pillow packaging

To get your pillow packaging durable or circular, there are many possibilities. For example, you can choose a sustainable material such as cotton or jute that is 100% recyclable. You can also choose for recycled LDPE, which is 100% recyclable. The choice is large, but with this trend-sensitive subject you should not forget to take a really good look at the environmental aspect. How is the material produced and processed, how does it end up in the right place, and what processes are needed to achieve a good and functional pillow packaging? It is also important to look at the C02 emissions. And in some cases it's a good idea to see if the sustainable pillow packaging can be minimised by choosing different thicknesses and sizes.

PP non woven pillow packaging

At Willems Packaging, custom pillow packaging is available in many shapes and sizes, but one of the favourites is the famous PP non woven. Pillow packaging made of PP non woven are very popular, especially because it has a favorable price tag. In addition, PP non woven is available in different thicknesses and colours. The material can be printed very well. PP non woven is also a very strong and flexible material, which is easy to recycle and re-usable. For this reason you will find our PP non woven pillow packaging often in hotels and guesthouses. PP non woven is breathable, but moisture- and water-repellent. This way (extra) pillows are well protected against dirt and dust from outside, without the packaging suffocating the pillow. A hygienic packaging for pillows!

Printed pillow packaging

Depending on the material, pillow packagings are often easy to print in full colour. For example, PP non woven, oxford and cotton are very easy to print on. Printed cushion packs made of transparent LDPE lend themselves also well for printing in several colours.

Pillow bag with reclosable handle

Pillow bags with a reclosable handle wil always be seen.  Not bad, because they are relatively cheap and easy to reuse. LDPE pillow packaging with handle are also available in 100% recycled LDPE that can also be printed in full colour. This makes it a functional and promotional pillow bag that can also be called a sustainable and circular packaging.

Shipping packaging for pillows

More and more pillows and duvets are sent online. This of course requires the right shipping packaging for your pillows. At Willems Packaging, cardboard shipping boxes are specially made to measure and are available in any desired format with any desired printing. Plastic shipping cartons can also be made to measure, so that they perfectly match the size of your product.


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