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Luxury cardboard packaging box

Are you looking for a luxury cardboard box in which products such as pillows and duvets are packed tightly, but also gracefully? Then choose this luxury cardboard packaging, which can of course also be printed.

  • Strong
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be printed
  • Sustainable
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Luxury packaging for bedding

This luxurious package for pillows and duvets is ideal for a beautiful presentation in the store. Also useful: this package for bedding can easily be stacked due to its rectangular shape and strength. In terms of size we leave the choice to you. Depending on the use of the packaging, the size can be made to measure. This way you can be sure that the product that is stored in this cardboard box always fits in well. Moreover, the box is always easy to carry and transport by the jute cord handle.

Print luxury packaging

Print this luxury package? That is no problem at all. With the right printing, the packaging is very suitable for promotional purposes and sales. Your logo, slogan or house style - or that of your customer - functions as a mobile advertising board. In addition to printing, you also have the option to laminate the packaging with a glossy or matt layer.

Luxury cardboard box

This luxury box is made of cardboard, a biological and easy to recycle material. This makes a cardboard packaging a good choice for every environmentally conscious company.