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Custom-made shipping packaging made of colored PVC

Are you looking for a shipping bag for yourself or your customer? Look no further, because this pink shipping packaging is made from colored, durable PVC and is reusable. The ideal choice, then. And the biggest advantage? That the packaging can be delivered fully custom-made, including full color printing.

  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Printable
  • Equipped with plastic zipper
  • Made from colored PVC
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Shipping packaging of PVC in color as desired

The shipping packaging closes with a plastic zipper. The packaging itself is made of colored PVC, which means that you can choose almost any color you want. This pink PVC packaging also has the important advantage that it is weather-resistant. Due to the water resistant and strong material, this packaging is perfect for use as shipping packaging.

Custom made shipping packaging

At Willems Packaging, a custom made shipping package does not only mean that you have a choice of different colors. You can also choose the exact format required to pack and ship your products. Various formats are possible - please ask us about the possibilities. Furthermore, printing the shipping packaging is one of your options. Whether you want to have a logo or other print printed, everything is realized in full color for you.