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Mattrass packaging

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Mattress packaging and mattress covers

Mattresses are heavy and durable products that have to last for years. To be able to transport, save and store mattresses properly, a good mattress packaging or mattress cover is very important.  Sometimes a simple plastic mattress cover with adhesive strip is sufficient to keep the mattress dust-free, but when the mattress needs to be transported, materials such as PP non woven, oxford or canvas are often used. These materials are much stronger and ensure that the mattress cover is easily reusable.

Reusable mattress packaging and mattress covers

Most mattress packagings and mattress covers are easily reusable. However, the use of these covers is important. If the packaging is only used for storage or if it is used only occasionally, it is best to choose for a simple mattress packaging with often a favourable price tag. If the mattress is moved or transported more often, your packaging problem is slightly more complex. In that case, it is important that you look closely at the weight of the mattress. In this case, handles on the mattress cover are also a welcome addition.

Printing of mattress packaging and mattress covers

Almost all types of mattress packaging can be printed in full colour. Depending on the type of material, your logo or print will come into its own on these often large covers. Small quantities are also available printed.

Plastic mattress packaging

If you prefer a cheap cover or packaging for a mattress, then a plastic mattress packaging is the right choice. The transparent plastic makes it easy to see what is packed in it and an adhesive strip makes it easy to seal the mattress. This makes it an ideal packaging for storing  mattress. Also, a plastic mattress packaging is easy to use for one-time use. The clear plastic is one hundred percent recyclable and the mattress packaging can even be produced from recycled material.

Reusable oxford mattress cover

In addition to plastic, you can also choose a reusable oxford mattress cover. This cover has a minimal impact on the environment. For example, by using a deposit system, this cover is deliberately reused several times. This makes it a very durable mattress cover.

Covers for storing a mattress

A good storage cover is useful for storing mattresses. Willems Packaging has more than enough covers for storing a mattress. Good to know: mattresses that are stored for a long time must be able to breathe. Because there is still moisture in the mattress, it is important that the mattress cover is made of a breathable material. In this way, the moisture can evaporate and mould is prevented.

Rolled-up mattress packaging

Willems Packaging also offers the right packaging solutions for rolled mattresses. From PP non-woven mattress covers with sturdy handles to LDPE mattress bags that can also be made from recycled plastic: anything is possible. Depending on how the mattress is delivered, the right packaging solution is chosen.  Finally, mattresses are often delivered in cardboard boxes. Here too, Willems Packaging is the right address for you.


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