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Hanging packaging with suspension hook for duvet

Some retailers wish to present duvets hanging. This cover with hook is the solution for this. The hanging packaging can be closed at the bottom with a strong zipper. The design and size are adjusted to fit perfectly with the quilt. Do you have a product card that has to stay neatly in place? The hanging packaging can be provided with a transparent pocket on the inside or the outside.

  • Custom made 
  • Available in different colours
  • Printing / embroidery possible
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Hanging packaging with hook for quilt 

Present quilts hanging in the store? This is possible with this beautiful hanging packaging, which is equipped with a robust strong hook. This cover is produced according to customer requirements down to the smallest details. For example, you can have your logo printed on the hanging packaging or embroider, choose from different colors, have a suitable pocket in, on or attached to the bag etc. Let us know what your requirements are, we will be happy to advise you.