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Duvet cover for children's duvet

Do you want to package a children's duvet in a different way than the standard method? Then choose this cylindrical variant: a very practical duvet cover for every child's duvet. The cover is made of transparent LDPE in combination with PP non-woven.

  • Custom made
  • Breathable
  • Durable
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Cylindrical storage cover for a children's duvet

The cylindrical storage cover has a zipper and a strong carrying cord. This is therefore a practical choice for every rolled up children's duvet. Tip: also a travel mattress for children fits perfectly in this storage cover! And not only the practicality makes this cover unique. We guarantee that the cylinder shape stands out well in the store. In terms of size, design and color, the bag can also be completely customized. Printing is also possible. The choice is entirely up to you or your customer.

Recyclable LDPE

The majority of this cover is made of transparent LDPE. LDPE stands for Low Density Polyenthene. This material has several good properties. This makes it water-repellent, well-insulated and sturdy. Another important advantage of LDPE is that it is 100% recyclable. LDPE is a phthalate-free plastic, and therefore better for the environment.

Breathable PP non-woven

Purple colored non-woven PP is also used in the cover, which is made from PP (polypropylene). This material is ideal for making strong, robust packaging. Non-woven also has a (more) luxurious appearance. The good properties of non-woven include that it is water-repellent and breathable. This allows the duvet or the travel mattress to air, thus avoiding suffocation and the formation of mold.

Your custom made storage cover

As a producer, supplier, importer and wholesaler, Willems Packaging offers a wide range of bags and packaging for duvets, but also for pillows and other bedding. Are you interested in this storage cover for your children's duvets or children's travel mattresses, but are you curious to what extent we can customize them for you? Feel free to contact us and let us know what requirements the cover should meet for you.