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Blanket storage cover of canvas

The proper storage of blankets is important, because on the one hand you prevent dust and fungus and on the other hand the quality of the blankets and the filling is maintained. With this storage cover you are assured of good protection. In this blanket storage cover, made of canvas, you can store blankets hygienically.

  • Sustainable
  • Very strong
  • Reusable
  • Fully customizable
  • Small numbers possible
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Storage cover for blankets

Whether you are selling blankets or wanting to keep and store blankets for yourself or your customers: in this canvas storage bag for blankets you always keep them hygienic. The blankets are protected in the storage bag against dirt and dust, but also moisture. This keeps the blankets clean, even if they are not used. The storage cover is equipped with long handles so that it can be easily carried. A sturdy zipper ensures that the cover is completely closed. The storage cover for blankets has a rectangular shape and is extra deep, so that it is very practical to use. The cover can also be completely customized and customer specific details can be added.

Canvas blanket storage cover

Canvas is a natural material that can be used when you or your client wants to put blankets on the market in a completely natural way. Canvas is a cotton fabric and therefore made from sustainable, natural materials. Canvas is very strong, so this blanket storage cover can be used frequently. Canvas can also be printed well, namely by screen printing. Do you prefer to embroider? That is possible up to eight colours. And finally, organic canvas is also possible, for ecological packaging.