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Covers from Willems Packaging are used for many purposes. From storage cover to transport cover, from clothing cover to mattress cover. And of course you will also find your durable cover with us. Covers often have a protective character and are more often reused or stored.

Storage cover

A storage coverprotects your product from dirt and dust from outside. By applying a laminated layer to your storage case, it is also water-repellent. When products such as mattresses and clothing are stored in a storage bag, it is also important that the storage bag is made of a breathable material, such as PP non woven. In this way, the moisture can be removed and mould can be prevented. Willems Packaging will be happy to help you develop the right storagebag.

Transport cover

When products have to be transported and the cover has to be usable several times, a transport cover made of a strong and solid material is often chosen. This could be a PP non-woven transport case, for example. Oxford, nylon, polyester and canvas are also often used in covers for transport. And because products keep going in and out of the sleeve, a zipper and sturdy handles are also welcome additions. And of course the transport cover can be printed, so that it becomes a powerful advertising medium.

Water-repellent and flame retardant cover

In addition to the possibility of laminating sleeves - for a water-repellent effect - you can also choose to make the seams completely waterproof. You can also opt for a flame retardant coating and a 100% water-repellent coating.

Clothing cover

Clothing covers are available in various sizes and materials. The plastic garment cover is a cover that is often used for one-time use. This cover only has a dirt- and water-repellent effect. If you prefer a luxury garment cover, your cover will be made of a material that is dirt- and water-repellent, but also permeable to air, to prevent the clothing of mould.

Mattress cover

Mattress covers are often used during transport or to store or store spare mattresses, for example. First of all, mattress covers are available as transparent plastic covers. These cannot be completely closed due to the moisture that can still come out of the mattress. However, other strong and sturdy materials, which have a high load-bearing capacity, are also possible for your mattress cover. With these materials, too, the breathable aspect is something you should definitely pay attention to. And of course, handy and sturdy rods and handles are an absolute must. Covers made of PP non woven and oxford can be printed or embroidered well, giving them a luxurious and powerful look.

Durable cover

If you want to go for sustainable covers or circular packaging, then you are faced with a conscious but sometimes also complicated environmental choice. After all, you have to make choices in terms of functionality, design and environmental impact. Willems Packaging offers you many possibilities and is happy to provide you with advice. From one hundred percent recycled cover to circular sleeves that increase reusability and minimize waste: you'll find it here. We think along with you on all these points during the design phase and take the packaging process very seriously. We take the environment into account by taking sustainability and plastic waste reduction very seriously into account in the design. The result: durable coverst hat are produced with the least possible impact on the environment, without compromising the functionality, the quality or the attractive price of your cover.


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