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Plastic Packaging

Willems Packaging offers a various product range of plastic packaging. All custom made packaging are answers to packaging issues and that’s why we are pleased to think along with you from the start. Together we create the best solutions for your packaging issue!

Plastic packaging materials: LDPE

LDPE is an recyclable and low priced solution. LDPE bags – available in many different sizes – consists of an plastic bag with an resealable and hard Polyethylene- handle. The welding of the handle finds place on location in Rijssen (NL). The LDPE plastic packaging are generally transparent, translucent and unprinted, but they also can be delivered in colour or with printing (up to 10 colours).  For regular products like pillows or duvets we always have a lot of sizes in stock which can be delivered from 1 box. Especially for customers, where low temperatures is an issue,  we’ve got special frost resistant LDPE.

Plastic packaging material : PVC

Because of the environmental impact, PVC is getting less popular and is being used less and less in the packaging industry. Nowadays high demands are made for production of PVC and because of those high standard rules PVC is a material which can be used for the production of bags and packaging. PVC is a very clear, transparent plastic in which you can perfectly present your product clearly visible. Therefor PVC is used a lot for packing of coloured products such as duvet cover and other bedding sheets. The plastic PVC packaging from Willems Packaging can be produced with Velcro closure, push buttons or adhesive strip.

Plastic Packaging from Willems Packaging

Willems Packaging delivers variously plastic packaging for packing and protecting your products among which pillow packaging and packaging for duvets, quilts and blankets.

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