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Packaging for use in healthcare

Willems Packaging supplies high quality packaging materials for commonly used products in healthcare such as tailored packaging for ergonomic cushions, bags for medical bedding and mattress covers. We produce and import standard articles but customized products as well.

Pillow packaging for ergonomic pillows

Wheelchair pillows, seat pillows, medical cushions, neck rest pillows, round pillows for your back: you can get an ergonomic pillow for a lot of medical problems. The difficulty with those pillows is that they don’t have standard sizes and shapes, so a regular pillow packaging will not fit. How do you store those ergonomic pillows?

Customized pillow bags 

Willems Packaging offers you the solution. We produce and import special customized pillow packaging. You can choose the  material, color, printing , shape and the size and Willems Packaging will produce your customized pillow packaging. That means you are also at the right place by Willems Packaging, when you are looking for round, pyramid shapes packaging for storage. And we can also produce packaging which fit exactly with your unique pillow. That’s important! Because a good fitting pillow packaging protects your pillow against dust and dirt, so that they will stay clean during the period they won’t be used. 

Products for medical care

Further on Willems Packaging supplies several products for home care and medical care. As an home care-organisation you have got tot have for example mattresses in stock. But you have got to storage them hygienic. Willems Packaging delivers you a the perfect matress cover. We have got covers for normal matresses, but also covers for baby mattresses and roll up mattresses. The covers are provided with stong handles, so that the mattresses easily and ergonomic can be transported. Also for hygienic storage and transporting of medical bedding (like blankets, duvets and pillows), you will find de right solution at Willems Packaging. Our duvet packaging, quilt storage bags and pillow packaging  are easy to use and you deliver clean bedsheets and your staf is able to transport the materials ergonomic by using our packaging solutions.

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