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Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is becoming more popular every day. Companies and consumers are more and more aware of the choices they can make concerning the environment. Do you want to contribute to a cleaner environment? Then choose our sustainable packaging.

Sustainable packaging: materials

We use various materials for our environment-friendly and sustainable packaging.


Canvas is a strong cotton material and a perfect fabric for quilt packaging. Due to the strength of the material, canvas bags and packaging can be used frequently and for a long period of time. Canvas is ideal for screen printing and stitching (up to eight colours). Willems Packaging can even offer you biologic canvas (provided with a certificate).


Just like canvas, cotton is a strong and natural material. Cotton is a perfect fabric for quilt packaging and can be offered in several qualities. Cotton is ideal for printing and stitching. You can also choose a custom made cotton packaging. Willems Packaging can also offer you biologic cotton (provided with a certificate).


Cardboard is a material which is easy to recycle. Therefor it is great choice for sustainable, environment-friendly packaging solutions. There are a lot of different qualities and options for cardboard boxes. Cardboard can be printed and can be provided with a gloss or mat layer. Our cardboard boxes can be delivered with or without a handle.

Sustainable packaging

Willems Packaging supplies a number of sustainable packaging, including:
- canvas quilt-packaging
- canvas duvet-bags
- cotton comforter-packaging
- cardboard packaging and boxes