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Packaging for hotels

Willems Packaging delivers high quality packaging materials for a wide range of products used in hotels such as pillows, blankets, quilts, covers and roll containers. Willems Packaging offers various products - from standard articles to custom made packages or covers. These are also available in small numbers.

Pillow bags, duvet packaging and blanket storage bags

As a hotel owner or hotel employee you always want the absolute best for your guests. Not all your guests have the same wishes according to pillow(s) and duvets. Therefor you are looking for ways to store extra pillows, blankets and duvets. This must be done hygienic, dust-free and clean. All your issues with pillow storage and duvet storage will be solved by Willems Packaging. We always find the right solution for your storage problems. Our pillow packages are suitable to store all your extra pillows in hotel room closets. Extra blankets and duvets can be stored in a duvet package or blanket storage bag. Our packages prevent dust and fungus, because the bags are water repellent and air permeable. Your pillows and duvets stay in perfect shape.

Shoppers and carrier bags

Do you want to hand out goodie bags to your guests? Willems Packaging offers various shoppers and carrier bags of good quality. Our shoppers and carrier bags are available in many different colours and sizes and can also be printed. At Willems Packaging you will find a lot of carrier bags in many different models and with several specification options. You can create your own carrier bag and choose the best packages for your products. You can choose from different kinds of materials, shapes, colours and prints, for example plastic carrier bags, luxurious packages and paper bags.

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