Green packaging

Sustainable packaging seems simple, but it is not. There is a lot involved. From designing products in such a way that no loss of product occurs, to choosing materials that are easy to separate after use and thus possible to recycle. When in your decision-making you consciously choose a solution that lowers your environmental impact, you're choosing sustainability. These kinds of solutions are what our green packaging options provide.

Various types of green packaging materials

At Willems Packaging, you'll find all kinds of green packaging options. Our packaging is made piece by piece from materials that will set your green heart racing. However one packaging material is not particularly better than another. Your choice depends on the product you want to package, among other things. Think of a quilt, mattress, cushion, or outdoor cushion.


Canvas is a strong cotton fabric, ideal for duvet coverings, among other things. Because of the firmness of the material, canvas packaging can be frequently reused. Canvas is also one hundred percent recyclable. So you can rest assured that your canvas bag is of the best quality.


Just like canvas, cotton is a firm, natural material, which is also one hundred percent recyclable. Cotton is therefore also ideal for duvet coverings, among other things. Want to be assured that your cotton is fairtrade? Then choose 'organic cotton' (with certificate).

Cardboard or paper

Cardboard and paper are easy-to-recycle materials and therefore a good alternative to plastic bags. There are many different grades and implementations for cardboard boxes.


Hessian carrier bags are made from strong, natural fibres. This ensures that these carrier bags are highly suitable for the sustainable storage and transport of products such as a quilt, mattress or cushion. On top of that, hessian is environmentally friendly, sustainable and one hundred percent recyclable. So, not a bad choice.


When choosing bamboo packaging, you're choosing an innovative green material. The bamboo stems are processed into very fine fibres, which are then woven into fabric. This fabric can be used for many different purposes, such as carrier bags for quilts, mattresses and cushions.

Green packaging for quilts, mattresses and cushions

Has reading about all these possibilities made you curious about our range of green packaging options? Packaging which will set your green heart racing, because they help you contribute to a cleaner environment and a better world? Then take a look at our product page.

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