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Alternatives to plastic bags

Whether an item of packaging is sustainable has to do with a number of factors.

  • How the raw materials are obtained.
  • The manufacturing process.
  • The logistical process.
  • The usage of the packaging.
  • Whether or not it is possible to break down/recycle the product.

Viewed in this light, paper or cardboard packaging can even appear more harmful than plastic, for example because the CO2 emissions are slightly higher. What, then, is the best packaging solution for the sustainable packaging of your product? How do you make the right choice? We are happy to help you decide. In our product range you'll find many sustainable packaging options, good alternatives to replace standard plastic packaging piece by piece. From canvas and cotton to cardboard or paper, from jute and bamboo to recycled plastic.

Alternative 1: canvas

Canvas is a strong material, ideal for duvet covering among other things. Canvas can frequently be reused and can be printed on and embroidered (up to eight colours). So you can really be assured that your canvas packaging is of the best quality.

Alternative 2: cotton

At Willems Packaging you'll find cotton packaging with various different qualities. This packaging is great for printing and embroidering and therefore great for custom-made products. Want to be sure that your cotton is fairtrade? Then choose 'organic cotton' (with certificate).

Alternative 3: cardboard or paper

Cardboard and paper are both easy to recycle and therefore a good alternative to plastic bags. Other advantages of this kind of packaging include the possibility of printing and the option of adding a glossy or matte texture to the material. We can provide cardboard packaging with or without handles for carrying.

Alternative 4: jute

Jute packaging is strong as iron, printable, and  an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags. These carrier bags are highly suitable for the sustainable storage and transport of such products as a quilt, mattress or cushion. Jute is a virtually odourless alternative to plastic packaging.

Alternative 5: bamboo

Bamboo is a nice example of an innovative, sustainable and natural raw material for packaging. And consequently a perfect alternative to plastic, even if you probably know it better as a food source for pandas. The material made from bamboo stems is also perfect for making carrier bags for quilts, mattresses and cushions. And if you want to print on the bags for promotional purposes, that's also no problem whatsoever.

Alternative 6: recycled plastic

Recycled plastic can be either used plastic that is recycled for reuse, or waste material from the initial manufacturing process. It is a perfect and (despite what many people think) environmentally friendly solution. The recycled plastic is processed and new products are made from it, for example recycled plastic bags for quilts, mattresses and cushions. No new plastic is introduced into the environment, but previously used plastic is given a second life.

Sustainable packaging

Has reading about all the alternatives to plastic made you curious about our range of sustainable packaging? Take a look at our product page . With our products, you can help to limit the one-time use of plastic bags, and offer your customers a sustainable alternative which they can enjoy for years. 

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