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From simple (plastic) packaging to luxury packaging with full-colour printing, from storage and transport covers to cardboard boxes: Willems Packaging is the supplier for all your packaging. All these packaging are made to measure and are of the highest quality. They are therefore suitable for various purposes, such as packaging bedding, pillows and mattresses, but also storing and protecting sleeping bags, garden furniture cushions and tent tiles.

Packaging material

In terms of packaging material, Willems Packaging offers a choice of many different material types. Sustainable packaging material, recyclable packaging material or plastic packaging material: much is possible. To give a small list:

- PP non-woven
- Oxford
- Cotton
- Canvas cotton
- Cardboard

All packaging materials have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. We like to think along with you on which material your product best comes into its own.

Wholesale packaging

Willems Packaging is a wholesaler in packaging and packaging materials. This means that we import and produce packaging for the European and international market. Fast delivery times, opportunities for large and small numbers and both own production and production in Asia and Europe create the maximum flexibility for you. In addition, we deliver everything according to the latest EU guidelines. We are therefore the largest wholesaler for entrepreneurs who take their products seriously and want to package them perfectly.