Storing bedding

It can be difficult to store bedding properly, especially when your storage-facility is insufficient. Willems Packaging offers a wide range of storage bags for packing and protect bedding. You can find different designs, materials and quality levels with us.

Storage bag for pillows

To start with, our storage bags for pillows will protect your bed-pillows, garden furniture cushions or lounge cushions against dust, dirt and moisture. Our storage bags are suitable for packing or storage, but also if you want to protect your pillows which are (temporarily) unused.

Storage bag for duvets and blanket storage container

Duvets, comforters and blankets can be hard to pack due to their size and weight. In a storage bag from Willems Packaging you always pack and protect your duvets and comforters in the correct way. In this way your duvets, comforters and blankets are protected against dirt and dust, but also against moisture. You prevent dust and fungus on one hand, while the quality of the duvet or blanket and its filling is maintained. Willems Packaging supplies many different storage solutions to pack your duvets and blankets, of which:

- blanket storage cover
- PP non-woven storage bag for duvets and comforters
- cotton storage bag for duvets / comforters

Mattress storage bags

Looking for a mattress storage bag which is suitable to (repeatedly) transport or move a mattress? Of to pack a baby-mattress or roll-up mattress? Surely, you will find the right mattress storage bag  at Willems Packaging. Mattresses stay well protected in the covers. The strong zipper makes it easy to close the bag. The strong carrying rods ensure that the covers are easily transported. Each mattress storage cover can easily be used several times due to the strong material. It is also possible to print the storage bag. Herewith our mattress cover bags can also be used as a perfect sales-packaging.

Other bedding

Also for packing other bedding products you are at the right address with us, for example pillow-cases, bedsheets and mattress covers. In this case our transparent PVC packing is a right choice. Due to its high transparency, the colours of the textiles are clearly visible. And not to forget that pillow filling carefully need to be packed as well. We have, among other, a bag with pulling-cord or a zippered bag in our assortment.

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