Recycled bags

If there's anything we value at Willems Packaging, it's socially responsible entrepreneurship. This also means: doing business environmentally responsible. Willems Packaging contributes to this, among other things, by offering different kinds of recycled bags. These are bags with a past, because they are made of materials that have been used before. Think of recyclable packaging such as...

  • pillow bags
  • duvet packaging
  • duvet bags
  • boxes


Recycled bags for the circular economy

With our recycled packaging, we, but also our customers contribute to a circular economy. Willems Packaging can supply various types of recycled bags, made from various materials. Canvas and cotton, for example, are good examples of natural packaging materials, but also cardboard, LDPE, and recycled plastic. On this page, we would like to tell you more about these last three types of materials.


Cardboard is an material that can easily be recycled, and therefore a great choice for sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging. Of course, cardboard is also excellent for printing. Additionally, cardboard can be coated with a mat layer or rather a glossy layer. The choice is up to you and/or your customer. The cardboard packaging from Willems Packaging can be delivered with or without a handle.


You might not expect it, but LDPE is recyclable. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is a cost-effective solution. LDPE plastic packaging is generally transparent, clear and unprinted, but Willems Packaging can supplied LDPE in color or printed (up to ten colors). For regular products such as pillows and duvets we always have different sizes in stock, which have an order minimum of one box. Especially for our customers in countries where low temperatures have to be taken into account, we offer frost-resistant LDPE.

Recycled plastic

If you prefer plastic, then choose bags made from recycled plastic. This can be made of recycled plastic that is reused again but can also be made of pieces of plastic waste during the first production process. The recycled plastic is processed and new products are made, such as recycled plastic bags for duvets, mattresses and pillows. In this way, you will not burden the environment with new plastic.

Recycled packaging

have you become curious about our range of recycled packaging after reading all the possibilities? Then take a look at our products page. With our reusable products you offer your customers a sustainable alternative that they can enjoy for a long time.

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