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PP non woven bags

PP non woven is a commonly used material. And for a reason: this material is inexpensive and very strong. Because this material is very popular, we offer PP non woven bags in more than twenty colours. The zippers, handles and cords are also available in many colours. PP non-woven is very easy to combine with other materials such as LDPE and PVC. Willems Packaging has several PP non-woven bags with LDPE in stock .

PP non woven packaging

We offer PP non woven packages in different shapes. Round, triangle, rectangular, square or wave: it doesn’t matter which product you need to pack, we always create the right PP non woven packaging for you. If your products need some promotional attention or if you just need our packaging for transport, storage or protection. And if we don’t have it in stock, we custom make it for you. Besides different sizes we also produce and import different shapes of PP non woven packaging.

Printed PP non woven packaging

PP non woven can easily be printed. This is done by screen printing, digital printing or mechanically printing. Printing is possible up to eight colours.

The benefits of PP non woven bags

PP non woven is water repellent, dust free and air permeable. Air permeable packaging is especially important when products made from natural materials are packed, such as down comforters, eider-down duvet packaging, pillows or bedding. These materials must be able to breathe. Your pillows, duvets and mattresses will be protected perfectly without losing quality.


PP non woven at Willems Packaging

Willems Packaging offers many different PP non woven packaging and covers for the promotion, protection or transport of your products:
- pillow packaging
- duvet packaging
- clothing covers
- sales packaging for pillow re-fill
- shoppers
- roll container covers 

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