Carrier bags

Carrier bags are multifunctional. They can be used to take with you to the office, for grocery shopping, to store your products and as give-aways on a fair. Willems Packaging offers carrier bags in many different sizes, shapes and models, with a lot of different specifications. You can create your very own carrier bag, completely custom made. You can choose many different types of materials, sizes, shapes, collars and prints.

Plastic packages

Are you looking for plastic packages for your product? At Willems Packaging you will always find the right LDPE carrier bag for your product. LDPE means Low Density Polyetheen. LDPE bags are simple bags, a combination of a plastic bag and a resealable handle which is made from hard Polyethylene. Those plastic packages can be transparent, clear and unprinted, but they also can be delivered in colour or printed. Our plastic LDPE bags are water-resistant, strong, recyclable and cost-effective.

Luxurious carrier bags

Are you looking for a carrier bag for your shop, for an event or fair or to use as a goodie bag?  Willems Packaging offers various types of luxurious carrier bags. They can be provided with beautiful handles, which can be ordered in many different colours and sizes. Our luxurious carrier bags are very strong and can be used over and over again, regardless of the size you choose. The luxurious carrier bags can also be printed, which is ideal for promotional purposes, for example a fair or an event.

Paper carrier bags

Willems Packaging paper carrier bags are custom made. Our paper carrier bags are used by retailers, but are also perfect for fairs, events and gift packaging. Paper carrier bags are easy to print with your logo, slogan or company name. You can choose many different colours. Paper carrier bags are very strong, environment-friendly and sustainable. This makes these bags a good alternative for plastic carrier bags.

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