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Durable packaging for duvets, mattresses and pillows

Environmentally friendly, fair trade and sustainable packaging: you often read and hear about it. Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is the trend and more and more often, reusable or natural materials are being used. At Willems Packaging we also think that taking care of the environment is important, so that we can leave a healthy planet for the next generations. We therefore advise and inspire you about sustainable packaging. What are the possibilities in the field of circular packaging? What alternatives to plastic bags are there? And are recycled bags possibly an option? Together we can determine the right sustainable packaging for your duvets, mattresses and pillows or other products that need packaging.

What makes packaging sustainable?

Quality packaging ensures sufficient protection of the product during transport, storage and use. In the case of sustainable packaging, another aspect is added: the lowest possible impact on the environment without compromising the quality of the packaging. The packaging is designed, produced and processed in such a way that as few raw materials as possible are used. The logistic process is also taken into account. And once in use, the packaging lasts longer. In short: sustainable packaging goes far beyond just the use of sustainable packaging materials.

Sustainable packaging

Thanks to our wide range of green packaging, you will find a lot of variation in quality and possibilities in the field of sustainable packaging. From durable LDPE to recycled plastic, from cotton to canvas. Depending on the product you want to package, the functionalities that the packaging must have and the appearance that you like for your product, we advise you on what the right packaging could be. This way you also contribute to a better environment.

Eco bags

In the 'eco bags' category all our packaging is made of natural materials. In other words: all packaging is green. On our products page you will find a large assortment ranging from burlap to (organic) cotton, from cardboard to paper and from linen to canvas. Regardless of which natural packaging materials suit your needs, every package has plenty of options in terms of size and design. As a specialist, we gladly help you in the search for your custom made eco bags. Recyclable, reusable, circular, organic or natural - but always sustainable.

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