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Circular packaging

The stock of raw materials on Earth is finite. To ensure that there are still enough necessary goods for everyone in 2050, products must be designed more efficiently and materials must be reused as much as possible. This also means that sustainable, reusable packaging must become the norm. At Willems Packaging, we are always careful to work with reusable materials as much as possible, so that we (and of course our clients) can do our part for the circular economy.

Circular packaging process

Circular packaging is made from materials that can be reused a number of times. Think for example of the plastic, paper and cardboard that is thrown away by consumers. The materials are processed in an environmentally friendly way, so that new packaging can be made from these recycled materials. Additionally, during the production of this packaging, the environment is affected as little as possible and harmful products and processes are avoided. During the development of the packaging, the question of minimising the use of raw materials is also taken into account, so that the manufacturing and  logistical processes can proceed as efficiently as possible. The result: a new, environmentally friendly product that can once again see long-term use.

Reusable bags and packaging

Circular packaging is also referred to as reusable packaging. This kind of packaging is the future. Willems Packaging is contributing to that future and to a sustainable world by offering various types of reusable bags. So what kinds of packaging can you consider for the environmentally conscious protection of your products? Among others:


Circular packaging for quilts, mattresses and pillows.

Has reading about all these possibilities made you curious about our range of circular packaging? Then take a look at out product page.

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