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Protective packaging for colour swatch PVC floor

Protective packaging

Packaging issue:

Client is looking for a sturdy protective packaging for a colour swatch of a PVC floor. This packaging must be reusable, sturdy, handy and easy to print. The protective packaging must offer sufficient protection so that the consumer can easily test the colour sample at home and return it to the store.

Protecting, damaging the colour swatch less easily during transport and also the intention is that the protective packaging can be handled conveniently by the consumer. During the development process we looked at various types of materials and types of covers. Together with the client, the choice has been made on Oxford material and it has been decided that the protective packaging will be provided with 2 long carrying handles for extra carrying comfort on the shoulder.

Oxford material has been chosen in this case. Oxford is a very strong and sturdy material, which is also easy to print. The client simply has an extra advertising tool on the street. The carrying handles are made of strong twill tape and are extra reinforced to optimize the carrying capacity.

End result:
a beautiful promotional cover that can be used several times and also protects the product against dirt, dust and damage during transport.