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Transport cover for mattress M line

Our customer M line had the opportunity to develop a special customized mattress for the Cycling Team M line / Jumbo. A mattress on which the cyclists would get a good night’s sleep and wake up well rested. This mattress is delivered to each hotel where the cyclists stay. Click here to see how this works in practice.

The request from our client was therefore whether we could develop a solid and handy packaging or Transport cover for this mattress. Together we have looked at the various possibilities and we have created a perfect mattress cover that is easy and simple to use and to transport from hotel to hotel.

We have looked for answers to questions about capacity (distribution), ease of use, how easy to pick up and move and what promotional purposes may be expressed. Following the answers, we went looking for the right transport cover for these mattresses.

We intentionally have a demo model produced in Oxford. It is a sturdy, strong material so that the covers can be used frequently without any problems. The material also lends itself well to printing advertising on the cover. There are 2 strong carrying handles on 4 sides of the cover, so that the mattress can easily be transported to the next hotel, right down to the room. An extra insert on the outside of the mattress transport cover is used to indicate for which cyclist the mattress is intended. The mattress transport cover has been intensively tested in practice, after which the production has been started.

This is how our customer ultimately found the best solution for their packaging problem!