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Cases we're proud of

Storage bag for hotels

Extra pillows, blankets or duvets can be found in every hotel room. Logically, not every hotel guest has the same sleeping needs. That is why there are often extra blankets or pillows in the cupboard. To prevent these products from becoming full of dust, becoming dirty or stinking musty, many hotels use carrier bags or packaging from Willems Packaging.

Our bags are ideal for storing and keeping (extra) bedding or pillows. Often, LDPE carrier bags with hand-sealed handles or the well-known PP non-woven bags are used. Our packaging ensures that the pillows or blankets are hygienically stored.

PP non-woven storage bag

The advantage of PP non-woven is that it protects your product perfectly against dirt and dust. Because PP non-woven is a breathable material, the pillows or quilts will never smell musty. If you use a PP non-woven bag with zipper, then it is also reusable and can be used for a long period of time due to the strong material, which also makes it a durable packaging. PP non-woven also has the advantage that dirt and dust can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

LDPE carrier bags with handle

This is also a good option for storing your product. The reusable / resealable welded handle makes it possible to use the carrier bag several times. In addition, by using LDPE it is immediately clear what is in the packaging. LDPE is a clear, often transparent material, which is also available in many colours. The bag is 100% recyclable and is therefore an environmentally conscious package.

By storing your extra pillows and duvets in a beautiful bag your closet looks cleaner and more organized.