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Carrier-bags with handle

This well-known carrier-bag is a bag that is already seen a lot in the streets. It still remains a popular carrier bag because of price, load capacity and functionality. This plastic bag with re-closable handle is often used for packing pillows and duvets, but this bag is also found a lot in (clothing) shops and dry cleaners. Willems Packaging produces this bag with handle in Rijssen (NL) and has many sizes in stock.

Material: plastic carrier bags with handle can be ordered in LDPE, HDPE and MDPE and is available in various thicknesses. The plastic is available in white, (semi) -transparent or coloured. The bags can be printed from 1 up to 10 colours full colour on both sides and therefore lend themselves perfectly as promotional packaging. You logo or slogan is clearly visible on these plastic carrier-bags with handle.

Thicknesses: the thicknesses are determined on the basis of the carrying capacity, so what needs to be packaged. The thicknesses of the bag vary from 50 MU to 180 MU, content and weight of the bag determines the thickness.

Handles: handles of plastic carrier bags are re-closable and therefore suitable for repetitive use. The handles are available in various sizes and models and in LDPE or HDPE, so that maximum carry comfort can be created. The correct handle is important because in this way the contents of the bag stay clean and dry and your product gives the maximum protection against rain and dirt.

Environmentally friendly: the plastic bag with re-closable handle is a durable package. This is because the plastic carrier bag is re-closable and therefore very reusable as, for example, a storage bag for extra pillows or duvets. In addition, the bag with handle is 100% recyclable. This makes the plastic carrier bag a durable product.

Production and stock in Rijssen: depending on the product to be packaged, dimensions and thicknesses are coordinated and Willems Packaging can produce your carrier bag with a logo or other imprint. Are you urgently looking for a transparent packaging for your pillow or duvet, then we have many sizes and types in stock in our warehouse in Rijssen for you.