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Collection package for parking sensors

Packaging issue

A handy and multifunctional collection pack of sturdy material which packs, protects and holds all (loose) parts and parking sensors in the assembly line at the factory. The collection package must also be able to take a beating during transport to the car dealer.

Products must be protected against damage and pollution from the outside, so it is important that each component is packed in its own compartment. In addition, it is important that the entire collection package can be attached to the bumper, stays together and is delivered undamaged to the car dealer. So the following conclusions have been drawn:

- Individual courses that are lockable, to protect the parts as well as possible;

- Long sleeve with a Velcro closure for each compartment to keep the product in place;

- Velcro closure to easily attach the packaging to the bumper;

- The collection package cover must be used several times.


In this case, conscious choice was made for PP non-woven material. PP Non woven is a relatively inexpensive material and is also very strong. PP non-woven is also easy to print and easy to edit (sewing, embroidery etc.). In addition, the strong PP non-woven is water-repellent and air-permeable. In this way the products in the collection package are maximally protected during transport and (weather) influences from outside.

End result:

A sturdy and handy collection package of PP non-woven material, in which the various components can be stored and protected functionally.