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11 July 2018

Sustainable packaging

Environment friendly, reusable and sustainable packing are concepts that have become part of society. Developments in this area certainly do not stand still and we are becoming more and more aware of green and sustainable materials.

Responsible packaging

Willems Packaging has also developed successfully in this area in recent years. We offer sustainable, green and responsible packaging. For example, we use natural materials such as: Organic cotton, Bamboo, Jute and Corn fiber PLA and we have a beautiful clear material as a substitute for PVC.

Reusable packaging

Sustainable packaging, however, does not mean “only” the choice of material must be taken into account. Reusable and biodegradable packaging and bags also are sustainable packaging. Reusable carrier bags made of, for example, PP non woven or Tyvek are already quite durable and environmentally friendly. Especially when the use of such bags is made so attractive that the end user will use the bag multiple times. This extends the life of the packaging or carrierbag.

Recycled materials

RPET, RPET non woven and RPET felt are materials which can be completely recycled and are suitable for producing nice packaging.


European legislation has made REACH into a well-known term. The aim of REACH is reducing the use of chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment. Packaging, covers and bags from Willems Packaging can be delivered with a REACH statement. With the REACH statement you indicate that you are actively think along and are consciously engaged in topics such as sustainability and “green”.

Willems Packaging has the knowledge and experience and we are happy to help you find a sustainable packaging for your product!

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