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11 July 2018

PP non woven 

Many packaging mainly used in the textile industry, are made of PP (Polypropylene) non woven. But what kind of material is it exactly?

Strong, sustainable and reusable

PP non woven is a fabric made of (PP) fibres, without making yarn first. It’s a lightweight material and easy to clean, which makes it even more suitable for promotional packaging. Non woven bags are strong, sutainable and reusable and at an interesting price-level.

PP non woven is relatively cheap

Next to the fact that PP non woven is a relatively cheap material, it is also very interesting to use it because of its breathable and water-repellent characteristics. Herewith the material is highly suitable for the production of carrier bags and other packaging. Do you want to strengthen the packaging, it can be done – for example - with an extra sewing, but you can also have the material laminated. Laminating PP non-woven is nothing more than gluing a plastic foil on the PP non woven. The bag immediately gets a whole different look.  

Recyclable material for bags

Packaging and shoppers made of PP non woven can easily be used multiple times and are fully recyclable. This makes the material sustainable and environment friendly. Because the cost and burden on the environment for producing PP non woven is much cheaper and less than for example production / washing of cotton, and the fact that PP non woven bags are reusable, we see this material is being used in many different bags. Take a look around you: many shoulder-bags, shoppers, textile packaging and other bags are made of PP non woven.

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